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Crabs on Ice

About Us

Since 1996 we've been making people smile here at Land and Sea Market. Mention our name and see what they say. Always a go to place for delicious, affordable bacon wrapped filet mignons, we soon became known for steaks and "our" baby back ribs. "Our" refers to all the meat left on the ribs.
A one stop destination includes wonderful seafood with all your favorite fillets, and always the highest quality and value with regard to chicken. 
12 kinds of stuffed chicken breasts give plenty of variety. Tons & tons of our signature Apple Walnut Chicken Salad have made us famous.
We also kind of like feta cheese! We put it in burgers, sausages, filets, fish, & in some of our unique dips, such as "Zorba".
This is a special place with many uncommon food choices. We're looking forward to making you our new friend.

Organic Tomatoes
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